Uncensored Music...

  • Uncensored Music...

    Okay, I'm a little disappointed that almost every song I get on Last.fm is censored... I mean come on make it to where when you sign up you have to put your age in. Id rather not listen to censored music and act like I'm 12 listening to the radio which by the way is terrible. If there's anyway to turn this off can someone please tell me how :D thanks.

    • WizZzPL said...
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    • 28 Dec 2010, 12:33
    Forward it to the labels and tell them to stop censoring songs. There's nothing Last.fm can do about it, really. Obviously there's no option to turn it off as this is out of our hands.

  • that's really disappointing. I know the other services don't censor the stuff, but then again, i'm not sure any of them are on my xbox live acct either.. hopefully the record labels will have a change of heart about streaming music being censored..

  • Lamesauce

    Wow I just did a quick Google search on the matter and this was the first link. This is totally lame, and makes me want Pandora on the Xbox even more. Good thing I'm meeting with Microsoft in an hour, I will totally ask them about this.

  • this is total crap

    i was trying to figure out how to uncensore and this is what i found

  • what the crap

    i dont understand pandora is not censored so how is it that the ;abes fault last.fm i think it is your and you are getting the censored stuff and honestly it is really annoying to hear a spring in the middle of song to sensor that "bad words" you need to something about this

  • WTF

    Aight, so if I'm listening to my "Rancid" station through last.fm on my X-box and every bit of "foul" language is censored. Lame, whatever, pandora and slacker don't censor, but they don't operate as smoothly on the X-box. But, a bit of oddity with last.fm is that while the censored songs play on my X-box they show all sorts of photos of the artists, quite a few of which are them flipping the camera off among other images I would expect to be censored or not showed. My point being: its ok for us to see bad things, but not hear them, WTF? Last.fm, if slacker and pandora can get around the censorship "BS" than so can you.

    • jslemp said...
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    • 17 Nov 2011, 16:18

    Not cool

    Censored music should be an option for people under 18 or people at work, but one reason I prefer internet radio to regular radio is that I thought the music was supposed to not be censored/radio edited/watered down.

  • The Notorious B.I.G.

    Do you understand how disappointing it is to listen to Biggie Smalls and hear a record scratch and a bitch moan every other second because it has to be so heavily edited!?

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