No Subwoofer/LFE on LAST.FM on Xbox 360

  • No Subwoofer/LFE on LAST.FM on Xbox 360

    There is currently no subwoofer/lfe information coming from on my Xbox360. Is this the current state of the technology, or is there a setting in the program?


  • Are you talking about audio designed specifically for the LFE? I get sound out of my subwoofer just fine through an optical cable between my 360 and 5.1 surround system. I believe the 360 is taking two-channel audio from and (very gracefully) spreading the sound through all the other channels the tracks weren't recorded for.

    Don't be surprised that I don't know why you're complaining.

  • The setting is in your receiver

    Styromaniac pretty much has it right as far as I can tell, except for the part about spreading the sound through the other channels.

    Specifically, even though the 360 is still putting out a Dolby Digital 5.1 signal, the music is in stereo and so it's sending sound to ONLY the front left and right channels. There's no LFE channel in the music itself for the application to send out.

    If you want sound to come out of your subwoofer, you need to have your bass management set up accordingly in your receiver. In my receiver, a Denon, you can set each speaker as "large" or "small," which tells it whether or not to filter out the low frequencies and send them to the subwoofer. Then there's a separate setting for what you want the crossover frequency to be.

    Some people who have nice big tower speakers as front L/R might prefer to have stereo sound pass straight through. It sounds like you might be set up that way, assuming your receiver has crossover capability in the first place. I don't have big speaker towers personally, and have my bass management set up accordingly. I'm playing music on my 360 right now and there's sound coming out of the subwoofer just fine. (Specifically, the music is coming out of the front L/R and the sub. The center and rear speakers are silent, because the music is only in the front channels.)

  • Crossover Freq

    Check the setting for crossover freq on your receiver. If your speakers have a 3,000hz crossover and your receiver is only set to 80hz this is more than likely your problem. Some receivers might only allow you to go as high as 250hz but this is enough to fix this issue.

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