ETA for the UK version?

  • ETA for the UK version?

    As usual we're left out :p As you imply there are solid plans for a UK version any ETA on that? We don't have a 'Music Marketplace' over here so will it be in game downloads?

    • Bainsy said...
    • User
    • 30 Oct 2009, 12:06
    It is already available in the UK.

  • No, it isn't. Like I said.. we don't even have a music marketplace for it to be available in! Just like 90% of all the other much crowed about xbox live features (all we get are overpriced video rental and a few games at more than the shop price).

    The best date I've found for UK release is november 15th.. was looking for a more concrete date.

    • Bainsy said...
    • User
    • 30 Oct 2009, 12:14
    I am can't really say on proper release date, should be soon though hopefully.

  • Re:ETA for the UK version?

    it is out in the UK but currently only if you are on the preview program like every one whos got it i have heard that it is being rolled out to everyone in november

  • you can't listen to music while playing games or even on the dashboard like the media player so unless you want to just use your xbox as a radio it's quite pointless. I was excited to get the preview but the functionality is disappointing.

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