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    Advertisement Volume


    Before I go into a long drawn our rant I’d like to verify a simple question with you (…

    Does the CALM Act of 2012--which legally limits the volume of commercials for public media--that is going to be enforced in December of 2012 include you guys or not?

    The reason I ask is because I’m now out $150 via a blown speaker due to your commercials being easily twice as loud (high notes) than the music that is streaming. I don’t mind commercials if it keeps the music free, but blowing a brand new $150 speaker isn’t going to fly…

    Please let me know if you folks are included in that legislation so I can react accordingly.



  • We've replied to your support request regarding the same question.

    Could you let us know what the ad was for so we can check this please?

  • volume

    I had the same thing happen to me, all of the ad's are way louder than any of the the music playing, also the quality of the music is not he greatest, is there a way to adjust quality for playing on an xbox or pc? i can understand for lower data use on mobile devices but on the xbox or pc i would like better quality

  • ALL ads are way too loud

    I wanted to add my +1 to this thread. The advertisements (the goat AT&T one) and Verizon robot one especially but alladvertisements are at least twice as loud as the music, forcing me to listen to music quieter or run over every time an ad comes on and mute it. Turn down the volume on the ads to the same volume as the music.!

  • This isn't just one ad, it's all of them

    Your Ad levels are a good 9db hotter than your music content, ...translated "insanely louder than the music"

    It's not just one ad, it's all of them.

    Fix this soon, it's just crazy.

  • Seriously.. WTF with the ad volume

    I've recently moved over to from Pandora, due to their lack of variety and track selection. I really like everything about EXCEPT their ad volume, this is ridiculous. I upgraded my speakers last night to Definitive Technology 8080-ST and I've left them playing while I'm upstairs or wandering through the house to burn them in. Then, out of nowhere comes an ad blasting out at 2x the volume of the content. I freaked.. then subscribed today to get the ads to go away, whenever I tried to pay through paypal the process failed to sign me up for a subscription (2x in firefox, 1x in Safari) so I finally paid for a whole year up front ($36). The messed up part, is these ads are still BLASTING through my system. I'm now a paying customer and you're screwing with me and my new $3000 speakers... Seriously ,WTF gives. I logged out and logged in again and that doesn't stop your obnoxious ads . I also just verified my account which shows me subscribed for the next year.

  • Agreed

    We are having the same problem. My baby likes falling asleep to Moby, but the loud commercials always wake him up before I can get to the remote to turn the volume down.

  • Agreed part 2

    The commercials we have troubles with are all Verison: kid on a bike, home wrecking robot, and meals in pills.

  • Agreed

    The lastfm ads on lastfm are also 9dB louder. This is almost 10x the power and is a serious problem for speakers.

    Please fix!

  • I get the "goat" 4G LTE ad all the time on the Xbox Live app and every single time I have to go to the television and turn it down or else its going to ruin my speakers. I love you guys at but this really needs to change soon or I won't be using your services any more.

  • I don't know how we can get to listen to us since there is no official way to contact them unless you are reporting Abuse... this high volume of ads has to stop.

  • All adds (namley the Verizon ones) are at least 5x louder then the music.

    You guys do a good job of EQ'ing all the music at the same level, lets push that over to the commercials too.

  • I recently had to change my center speaker as well, very possible it was due to this issue.

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