Xbox not scrobbling

    • AJisOK said...
    • User
    • 10 Feb 2012, 01:46

    Xbox not scrobbling

    It's not showing up on my profile what music I am listening too.

    Wat do?

  • Ditto

    The option is enabled in the app settings.

    • AJisOK said...
    • User
    • 18 Feb 2012, 20:08
    Yeah. It's enabled for me as well.

  • It is taking about 4-5 minutes for a track to scrobble. Sometimes longer, then all of a sudden two tracks show up.

  • LeJazzy0213 said It is taking about 4-5 minutes for a track to scrobble.

    Add to that.... After the track has played. Then the track that played, (just listened to) and the track currently playing will show up.

  • Not for me. Checking my history nothing I've played on my Xbox has showed up from the last month or so.

  • not scrobbling Xbox

    I had the same problem, but it's fixed now. It happend that I have missed an Xbox update. Check if you have updates left for your Xbox.

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  • Hi, Sorry to revamp this thread but I am still having the same issue. My recently playes tracks do not scrobble from xbox but do from the Apple TV with the firecore jailbreak & app. The loved songs work just fine from the xbox. Any ideas?



  • I'm having the same issue!

  • This is happening to me now too, only a few tracks have scrobbled out of the dozens I've played.

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