• English please

    I keep getting spanish music. I just had three in about eight songs.

  • What station were you listening to?

    If it was your library, then these artists are already in your personal music library (here: http://www.last.fm/user/BoredPeon/library). To remove an artist, simply mouse over their picture, and click on the (x) in the top right hand corner.

  • It is not in my library but the stupid thing keeps suggesting them. I have to stop what im doing and tell theprogram to ignore that song at least six or seven times a day.

    The station does not matter. Whether it is Fergie, Kesha, or Lady Gaga they keep popping up.

    For example I end up filtering out at least three songs from Belinda daily. Soon as I put one on ignore I get a different remix version fo the stupid song.

    Guess its time to cancel the subscription and use a different program.

  • If you're listening to your library radio, you shouldn't get any artist that isn't in your library. Probably your best option is to add your favourite artists to your library, and then just listen to that.

    However, with Belinda, you already have 52 plays in your library, which indicates to last.fm that you like her music. If you don't, then you should probably remove her from your library by clicking on the (x) in the top right hand corner of her artist picture.

    On the other hand, if you're listening to a similar artist radio, it's possible that you're going to get songs in other languages because similar artists are based on what other users listen to as well. Last.fm is a global website, and artists like Lady Gaga are huge in South America and Europe.

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