Why does "Your Library Radio" play new music?

  • Why does "Your Library Radio" play new music?

    Why does "Your Library Radio - Music you know and love" play new music? How is it any different than the "Your Mix Radio"?

    I was trying to setup a bunch of 80s music for a party recently, so I listed to the 80s tag, and liked/hearted quite a bit of music, so that I could then use the "Your Library Radio" section to play only that music, well I played that for a bit before any guest came over, and it was playing songs I never heard before, or liked.

    I'm sure that my wife didn't like the music, because the little heart icon wasn't lit up. I ended up playing music with the 80s tag, but I pretty much had to play DJ, skipping tracks we didn't like, for most of the night. If there is no way for me to play just the music I liked, I guess there's one less reason to keep this service.

    • isleet said...
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    • 17 Nov 2011, 14:49
    You may need an admin to confirm this but I believe that the library radio goes by artists, while the mix radio searches tags as well. This is based on my own experience with the radio playing unfamiliar music every so often, but no new artists.

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