Can't contact Check your network or try again later.

  • Can't contact Check your network or try again later.

    I'm getting this msg an I don't believe I've used the 60 hours per month limit, an soon I want to have a pay account so it's unlimited. I tried rebooting the app, xbox, my connection is solid on all laptops an the xbox too, I sign into through the live app it brings up my prefs, I click a recent station or put in a new one, anything(they show up) an I get that msg "Can't contact Check your network or try again later." an to come to the site, finally finished setting up my profile but..I'm confused I'm connected to live, an to app but it won't play stations or anything on selection, it does load images though, it was working a few hours ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    it isn't my area.
    • doug2e said...
    • User
    • 9 Nov 2011, 20:21

    Can't contact on XBOX

    I can't connect on my XBOX either!

    Tried to check the status page and it is offline too!!

    Any ideas to what's up?

  • I can't use it on XBOX or listen to the website from any browser on any computer, ie/ff/chrome win/osx

    I think it's all borked today :<

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  • Woot

    it's back up for me, no more error when loading stations, didn't do anything on my side. ( : listening to "waltzing at eurodisney" this morning. awesomeness, my thanks to whomever made it work for me!

    it isn't my area.
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