free music player doesn't work

  • And so it is. I probably messed something up when trying to fix it; I'd have no qualms rebooting the whole thing.

    • 160R said...
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    • 22 May 2012, 07:57
    Fixed! Couldn't even find an "Extensions" folder into the Chrome\User\Data one but just uninstalled it and downloaded/installed the new Free Player version.

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  • @huubeert np, but for me still don't work on Linux, I also try reinstall extension and again nothing.

    Only work new version

  • This is totally off topic. But since I made those changes I can no longer copy pics, text or anything from the internet and paste it in forums or anywhere on the internet. Did making this change corrupt something?

    I have rebooted
    system restored
    done everything I could think of
    any ideas what I can do to fix it?

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  • It's not related, except u did something else.
    I don't understand how u can't copy and paste?

    Try reinstall browser.

    • Pepcok said...
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    • 25 May 2012, 09:17
    It seems that problem occured on Chrome 19. Guess I'll have to turn off auto updates - time without this plugin was really sad :(.

  • The Chrome player used to play continuously, now it stops after a couple of tracks, until I press the blue play button again

    I uninstalled / reinstalled the extension, but it's still the same - is this the new norm?

    I have version 2.9.691

    oh, and it seems to have stopped scrobbling now too

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  • My chrome player stopped working too. It doesn't play any songs. I uninstalled and reinstalled the extension, but it's still the same. I'm not sure but this problem may have started after the last update. Any ideas?

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  • Yes, for most people it stalls sometimes, but that has been going on for some time now...

  • There's one problem. When I turn on the song, the song plays and stops approximately on 20 second. When I turn on that song once again it stops approximately on 40 second. Am I only one who have that problem?

  • @NecroPanzer666 It might be a connectivity issue. If you pause and then play after a minute does the track play?

  • @musicgodlything No. When I do that, the track plays from the beginning and continues stopping at different times.

  • @NecroPanzer666 Sound weird. Oh well, try all the regular fixes and it just might clear up. It usually does in time.

  • @musicgodlything I hope so.

  • What's going on with the player???? When I try and log into the player I get a white page with a yellow box. I have uninstalled the player a dozen times tonight. I STILL get that page.

    I can get it to play music but it won't log me in or scrobble. I even hit enter in the yellow box and it went to a Russian search engine. I tried to download the palyer there with the same results. It STILL won't scrobble. I even re booted my computer to see if that made a difference. NOTHING works. :(


    We live in a society of wolves. You do not fight back by creating more sheep.
    • katoppe said...
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    • 30 Jul 2012, 05:25
    ↑ same problem..

    • Akvsta_ said...
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    • 30 Jul 2012, 12:07
    For my friend and me the same problem like for DeViant1.Maybe more people have the same problem? PLEASE HELP!!! :(

  • The people having trouble - do you have vk . com accounts?

    • novira said...
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    • 30 Jul 2012, 18:18
    I have the same problem ..I can play music but it doesn't scrobble and I don't have a account.
    Do I have to have it now for it to work??

  • musicgodlything said:
    The people having trouble - do you have vk . com accounts?

    I have tried that. I am logged in to and still nothing works. They are having troubles also with scrobbling.

    It is clear that we need an update. Who ever does that needs to help us out here. I guess if you logged out of the player the other day you are screwed.

    These set backs/bugs/lack of updates are SO ANNOYING!

    We live in a society of wolves. You do not fight back by creating more sheep.
  • Same problem here.. hope there's someone who knows how to solve it

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 30 Jul 2012, 19:51
    same problem. help us :(

    • Akvsta_ said...
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    • 30 Jul 2012, 21:52
    Firstly, sorry for my english but I hope you all will understand me :)) .
    Still nothing...My friend had this problem.I wanted to help for her.I deleted my player and reinstalled again (I wanted to remember all stages,I wanted to check what i did that it scrobbled,logged me ).Now it's over it can't scrobble for me,too.It was such a great thing.I can't find anything so good like this thing for me in it's a stupid wish but I hope someone will find an answer.

  • So, it's playing but not scrobbling? Doesn't sound *too* bad.

    What does it mean to "log out of the player"?

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