You did it for Android, why not iPhone??

  • You did it for Android, why not iPhone??

    Give me a app that scrobbles music live over wifi pleeeeeeaaaase. Had it on my android for a year, why is it so much more difficault to release the same feature for iOS? The iphone/iPod scrobbler available in sweden at the moment scrobbles music every four times I connect the iPod or iphone to the computer (If Im lycky).

  • Android supports real multitasking, so our scrobbler is able to run in the background. iOS only allows certain tasks, such as playing music, to run in the background, so we cannot currently offer real-time scrobbling on iOS.

  • iScrob offers real time scrobbling, but it doesn't allow you to shuffle all song, for example. It's still a pretty good option if you listen to a more than once and want it scrobbled every time, as opposed to just the last, as the iTunes scrobbler does.

  • Thank you 1chatnoir for telling med about iScrob! It works just fine :)

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