Playlists in Last.FM App

  • Playlists in Last.FM App

    If I create 4 or so custom playlists will I have access to those in the LAST.FM app on the iPhone? I have set up 4 an do not see them. I assuming that may be because I do not have at least 45 tracks on them yet?


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    • 21 Mar 2009, 17:31
    Yes, valid playlists are displayed in the app. Once you have the required number of tracks in the playlist, you'll be able to launch it directly from the application homepage (there will be a "Playlists" section at the bottom of the page, beneath recent stations / tag stations)

  • Well at the moment that's not strictly true. Don't forget the massive amount of content we're now not allowed to listen to via our pods/phones and the streaming issue. Combine these and you'll be very lucky to get one or two tracks in a row at most.

    Quite honestly I think until get this sorted they should pull the app with a proper solid announcement as to why they are doing so.

  • Thank you very much guys for your responses. I'm hoping once the 3.0 software comes out the additional features to the app can be endless including scrobbling of tracks played from your library using the ipod on the iphone.

    Thanks again!

  • Playlists you create also won't show up unless you are a paid subscriber (in addition to other features, like the ability to stream your loved tracks or stream stuff you've tagged by the tag).

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