Accessing behind proxy

  • Accessing behind proxy

    I downloaded and experimented with this app over the weekend, and loved it. This morning I tried to run it and when I attempt to login it complained about having no network connection. Unfortunately, where I work has a proxy server in place, however I've configured my ipod touch with the correct settings and I can browse the internet through safari quite happily. I can also access from my work pc, through firefox and the proxy server, without issues, so I know the proxy server isn't blocking anything.

    Are there any known issues with using this application through a proxy server?

  • I'll look into this. Thanks for the feedback.

  • I've tested the iPhone client through a squid 3 proxy and it works fine. Are you able to use the desktop client through your work proxy?

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I downloaded the client and that worked fine. It asked me for the proxy settings when I first logged in, which it accepted and I'm now listening to it as I reply to this. It's a secure proxy if that makes any difference with your test.

    • Quessir said...
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    • 19 Dec 2008, 13:29
    Hi, all. I have the same issue on ipod touch 2nd gen. Serfing online via safari (configured squid proxy settings in wi-fi http proxy). but couldn't login to It says no internet connection.

  • I've got right the same trouble. Proxy is 3proxy. Everything else works fine through it, and desktop client too.

  • Same problem here. The work proxy uses atuthentication, safari works fine. But app displays "No Network Connection"

    • lupocos said...
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    • 22 Aug 2009, 13:54

    3proxy on the iPhone and app

    @mefleetwood @c99koder

    I cannot manage to setup 3proxy in order to make it work with app on the iPhone.
    I know the address of a working US proxy, and I got to set up the desktop app to work with it. However, when I setup this proxy via the default iPhone proxy settings app does log in but when I try to play a radio station it says that there is "no connection". on the iPhone works correctly with the proxy.
    Now I downloaded 3proxy via Cydia but I cannot find the setup instructions to make it connect to the remote proxy server. Would you point me at them?

    • darytas said...
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    • 7 Jun 2010, 19:28

    still buggy

    hey guys,

    i just tested that nearly 1 year after this bug was reported.
    unfortunately, it still exists. whats the problem? :(

  • RE

    It's not that it doesn't work behind a proxy per se, it's that many of the work related ones in particular have pretty tight firewalls. If you try just using a public proxy server it will work fine. That means it's got to be the configuration of the work related one.

    • jylppy said...
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    • 5 Feb 2012, 02:00

    The same problem with web site

    I have the same problem with web site. It works fine with direct connection, but I get only banner if I try via proxy. The proxy should be open to everywhere and is the only site I am having proxy problems with.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 10 May 2012, 18:26


    i dont get it! how do i use proxy or what do i do to keep listening to music on for free? i have no clue what is proxy, hot to use it or why please help? i don't want to pay ugh

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