Why doesn't my iPhone 4S scrobble?

  • Why doesn't my iPhone 4S scrobble?

    It's been almost to weeks now and none of the tracks on my iPhone are scrobbling, which is weird because it used to be working fine!

    Is it because I haven't updated to the new version of iTunes yet? I'm currently using iTunes from Windows Vista Home Edition.. do tracks still scrobble using the latest update from iTunes?

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    • neel011 said...
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    • 26 Jul 2012, 12:31

    The reason of not working iPhone 4S

    Hi iPocky,
    Yes it will be the main problem of not scrobbling your iPhone .You should download the latest version of iTune software from net.I think it will be great idea.
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  • I have the same problem but I have the newest version of iTunes and it just doesn't work the weirdest thing is when I connect my friend iPod it just perfectly works.

  • I sympathize as well.

    I know it takes some time, but my iPhone does not scrobble either. It tried to scrobble a few minutes ago but my iPhone was not connected to the computer. So I reconnected the phone and now there is no message. Frustrating.

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