streaming availability for subscription users

  • streaming availability for subscription users

    I was a subscribed user of for two years now, my oppinion is that is a great service but now i've hit the crossroad weater to continue paying or to forget has disappointed me over years with thease things

    1: why can't I play my loved tracks in anymore? this sucks hard....
    2:) why no iphone app availability in Slovakia? eaven for paying users? can anybody explain?
    3: why no ipad app?
    4: why does my appletv2 client say Im not allowed to play content in Slovakia altough I am a paying user?
    5;) why is the web player flash-based? why no html5 ? is completly ipad unfriendly...

    thease are really big showstoppers for me, can anybody founded answer why are things the way they are and if there is a possibiliy that thease will change or is doomed to stay the wayit is?


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