New iPhone update is messing with my artists!

  • New iPhone update is messing with my artists!

    Can I just say, if this is in the wrong section please don't delete it - just move it. I can't find the right section for it (I thought the general discussion section would be okay but I think this counts as a support issue) and if got deleted when I put it in the iPhone Support section.

    This is about the most recent update for the iPhone which is extremely laggy and is messing with my artists and genres!

    I downloaded a new iPhone update today. I synced everything as usual but some of my artists have been messed up. Some of the names have been changed on my iPhone only (on iTunes they've remained the same).

    I think what has happened is that my iPhone is taking artist information from the info box (not sure what else to call it) within iTunes - That thing that comes up when you click 'Get Info' on a song. Whatever name is listest as the album artist is shown as the artist on my iPhone, instead of the usual name of JUST the artist.

    Okay I'll give you some examples.

    Knew It Was You - previously this song was simply listed under You Me At Six, but now it's listed under You Me At Six & Chiddy because thats the name given in the album artist. (Can I just point out I'm referring to the album artist title in the 'Get Info' section, NOT the album the song is from).

    A more common problem is with songs I have received from friends or downloaded from places other than iTunes. Like the band Sohodolls - because my friend sent me the song under an incorrect name (SoHo Dolls) the latter shows up on my iPhone because it's what is listed as the album artist. The most annoying is the 'various' or 'unknown' ones, from songs that I downloaded from YouTube (I suppose it serves me right but it is annoying).

    I was wondering if anyone else has experience or knew how to fix it? I tried Googling it and found someone else asking the same thing on Yahoo answers - the problem is, it's a recent update so i'm not sure if anyone will have found a solution or if Apple has even realised the problem!

    The same thing happens to my genres, but this is easier to live with.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 25 Oct 2011, 21:32
    iPhone almost same as iPod?lol. dunno but on my iPod everything is fine.

  • whatdoyouhear said:
    iPhone almost same as iPod?lol. dunno but on my iPod everything is fine.

    I'm not sure - I don't think they are the same. I think this update had something to do with the new iPhone so I'm not sure if it would affect iPods.

    • tburny said...
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    • 27 Oct 2011, 16:09
    There is a forum for the iPhone client *sigh* Combine your favourite radio stations! | My Blog | scala-lastfmapi | Cache2k - A high performance Java in-memory cache
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  • tburny said:
    There is a forum for the iPhone client *sigh*

    I put it in there first and it got locked. I think because it isn't about *sigh*

    • aini123 said...
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    • 8 Nov 2011, 09:20



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    • ssoto22 said...
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    • 2 Dec 2011, 03:15
    Same this happened to me today. Did any one find a solution?

  • Hi aini123 This is not spam because it's related to music and your hobby..

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