Error 100 - nothing is working

  • Error 100 - nothing is working

    What happend here?
    it's been like this forever..

    • FofR said...
    • Alumni
    • 3 Jan 2012, 11:05
    Hi KLNGNBRG, is this still happening?

  • Error 100 - sorry we couldn't log you in (Mac)

    Hey there,

    I'm experiencing the same problems. In preferences, under Activity Sharing, next to the password box, I get a message saying "Unknown reply from server"

    AND, I can't log on from the app (in Spotify), which says: "Error 100: Sorry we couldn't log you in".

    This only happens when I'm using my Mac. From my PC there are no problems!

    • Conan6 said...
    • User
    • 24 Feb 2012, 09:47
    Got the exact same problem, but from a PC.. Spotify can scrobble, and i cant se Now Playing or recent track

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