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    1 Aug 2008, 04:32 by jorgevillalobos

    A few months ago, my friend Jose and I decided to take part in the Extend Firefox contest. One of our main motivations was that was also sponsoring a new category we could compete in: Best Music Add-on. We decided to accept the challenge, and was born.
    Fast forward a few months, and today we're releasing version 1.1 of our add-on. Here are some of the cool features in this version:
    - Start artist, tag and user radio stations.
    - Start friend, neighbor and recommendations stations.
    - Control playback with Stop, Skip and volume controls.
    - See song progress in real time.
    - Easily access artist, track and album pages on
    - Scrobble tracks.
    - Love and Ban tracks.
    - Access's features from the toolbar, statusbar or main menu. You can customize it as you wish.

    There are still plenty of cool features we want to add in the future, but the success of this project depends on your support! Give it a try and see if you like it. We think you will. Here's a video of in action:

    Get now:

    As for the contest, we'll probably know if we won by next week. * crosses fingers *