API missing method (delete track from playlist)

    • tox2ik said...
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    • 17 Jul 2011, 05:34

    API missing method (delete track from playlist)

    Hi. I'm looking for a method to delete a track from one of my playlists. There are playlist.addTrack, playlist.fetch, playlist.create. What I'm looking for are methods "playlist.removeTrack" and "playlist.delete". Why are there no such methods? Do I have to use the old API? If so, why is this not documented?

  • I'm looking for the same methods.

    I try to sync my last.fm and iTunes playlists. Without this methods it's impossible.

    Any idea?

  • I am also looking for same.
    Are "playlist.removeTrack" and "playlist.delete" avaliable via old API? Can anyone share a link?

    • tburny said...
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    • 10 Aug 2012, 19:54
    They still should be implemented in LastFmLib.net, maybe you can have a look at the source code there.

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  • Unfortunately, they are not.
    LastFmLib.net only has methods to create, fetch and add track to playlist.

  • i am looking to modify playlists too. so there is truely no way?

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