HELP - Licensing Questions...

  • HELP - Licensing Questions...

    i have been asked to help someone research the development of a radio-based service for physician medical practices. basically, a small device would be installed at each medical practice that would allow radio to be played back in the patient waiting room(s).

    here are my related licensing questions:

    1) can i create a SINGLE subscription and stream it to multiple medical practices simultaneously? obviously, this would be the best option for us because we would only need to pay for a single subscription.

    2) if option #1 is not allowed, are we allowed to have a single subscription for each medical practice even though various patients will hear the radio service (rather than an individual subscriber person)?

    3) if both of the above options are not allowed, is there any other option that fits our needs? obviously, we cannot obtain a subscription for each listener of the service (eg. patients), so option #2 seems the most granular we could go.

    thanks in advance for your help.

    Radio MD Service
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