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    Hi everyone - I'm new to working with APIs. I've been using Processing to put together an information visualization of my last.fm feed. I was hoping to do a time series thing based on my listened tracks from the last month or two, but it looks like I'll have to figure out something different because of the low API limit for the User.getRecentTracks (only 100??).

    I'm a little surprised it's that low - for some people, that's maybe only a couple of days' worth of data. Depending on what people are using the API for, the low limits might not matter, but for infoviz, this pretty seriously limits cool stuff that can be done visualizing last.fm over time. User.weeklyAlbumChart is the closest thing to what I want but it lacks specifics...so this means that my smallest level of granularity is a week.

    In the absence of being able to hack something together to get around this (I haven't seen any good ways to correlate timestamp information in the other classes), or scraping pages, any chance we can get last.fm to raise the limit to something arbitrarily high? last.fm streams music primarily - API requests must be the least of their worries with bandwidth bills.

  • You're right: It's a real problem for InfoVis where patterns over longer periods of time are more interesting than the last 100 songs.

    This topic (100-song limit of getRecentTracks) comes up every few weeks in this forum but so far no admin has reacted. Two workarounds are using User.getWeeklyTrackChart with shorter "from" and "to" values (which leads to lots of requests and takes forever) or scraping the profile pages (which is what I did for my own visualization: Visualizing a personal music listening history).

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    sorry for the off topic, but I'd curious to give your paper a read (purely out of personal interest). Is there a way to publicly access it? ACM is asking for credentials to log in.

    Want to listen to your playlists on last.fm? Have a look at TagBar
  • Sure, you can read it right here. I should build a webpage for that some time...

  • Thanks! For the last two years or so I wanted to develop an app that would offer several ways to display your personal listening habits. Got plenty of ideas and gathering new ones when others share :) Don't know if I'll ever start it though...

    Want to listen to your playlists on last.fm? Have a look at TagBar
  • Thanks for the response and paper, mino2000. I had considered doing weeklyTrackChart but since my level of granularity is an hour, that seems pretty unreasonable, so I'm working on a script that'll scrape my profile pages. Glad to see it's been done successfully!

    transcendentalA, if I ever get this viz working I can let you know - more ideas to add to the pot.

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    • 4 May 2009, 10:02
    There's an open vote on LastFVS to extend the API to return all tracks the user has listened to. Go vote!

  • Hey guys! I was wondering if someone could explain how does API work and when does las.fm start charging for commercial API"????? I would appreciate all the information i can get

  • Would also be useful for more reliable and efficient incremental updates of a local database. Is it just me or is there no way to subscribe to a topic without commenting?

    You guys (last.fm) should switch to GetSatisfaction. All the cool kids are doing it.

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