Changes to method artist.getinfo 14/02/13

  • Changes to method artist.getinfo 14/02/13

    As of Thursday 14th February the content section of the wiki in the artist.getinfo API method will be truncated to 300 characters with a link back to the artist’s biography page on placed at the end. This is in response to concerns about the correct attribution of this data.

    This change covers all API accounts, regardless of their license agreement.

    For further information please read the API documentation, for any content licensing concerns, please contact

  • This screws up for artists with ampersands (try artist.getinfo on Simon+%26+Garfunkel).

  • &

    I can confirm artists with ampersands in name are not working anymore, I've created a new topic for that:
    Please, fix it.

  • Disappointing change on's end

    Unfortunately, now any applications built that use the artist bios force the user out of any custom built interfaces onto a site that isn't even mobile optimized (or has media queries to optimize for mobile or tablet). You're breaking the experience for the developers using the API and ultimately the users that want to find out more about the artist, and giving them a poor experience in return.

    All artist bios originally displayed that they were available under Creative Commons By-SA License (and still do), so I'm not exactly sure what your concern is about attribution since you explicitly mention it in each text. This text is available for anyone to use. Or am I wrong? See:

    Altogether a disappointing change on's end. A lot of people lose out because of this simple change.

  • Proper attribution

    Is there anything we can do to revert this change? How do we properly attribute the use of this data?

    I currently have an iPhone app that uses data and explicitly mention this fact in the app's name and description. There is no other attribution inside the app because I think the description makes it obvious. How should I change my app to better acknowledge

    I feel like I am doing it wrong and the culprit for this change.

  • :-(

  • Hope on the return of full bio

    I have application in social network In my application artist bio is very significant part of content. It would be fine if in the method artist.getInfo was optional parameter, which allowed to request full biography of artist.

  • Not a problem with Clementine music player

    Yes it's a problem with foobar2000 and several other music players.
    If I use Clementine I get the full biography from Last.FM
    ( )

    just my 2 cents,

  • Not happy with this change.

    Sorry guys, but this is not a positive change. I use foobar and the attribution is clear because the user has to choose as a preference. It spoils the experience to have the truncated version. A rethink would be very welcome!

  • Ashame

    With the XBMC skin Aeon Nox, the artist information scrolls through and you get to learn loads more about your music. Since I'm using XBMCbuntu I don't even have an option to go to the website, so I'm limited to 300 characters. Why can't we have the whole bio with a bit at the end that says "Information from" or something? Right now the scraper I'm using has decided to change to because of this, but I'd love to have's full biographies again :(

  • Proper Attribution

    @JazzAllan, Clementine pulls information from Wikipedia, not It is also, unfortunately, a pretty poorly performing music player, skipping a lot and taking a really long time to switch tracks (at least while testing on Mac OS X)

    Nonetheless, I still maintain that this is a poor choice on's end. There should be no concern needed since all text is published under CC-SA license and hence should be freely available to use for anyone, commercial or noncommercial, as described here: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 (CC BY-SA)

    I am with @htinlinn -- I have an iPhone app that uses this data and now it hurts the experience. How would we attribute the data correctly and access the full bios?

  • Fixed

    Well this is now fixed for foobar....
    You Have script here:
    Works very well for me....

  • Thanks @music_doctor

    Thanks music_doctor for that link. It does look like it pulls a very large biography (and also even wikipedia!)

    The only issue with that is hydrogenaudio's output doesn't have links like's originally did before they made the change. Although, since doesn't look like it will revert to the full bio, this might be the next best bet.

    Again, thanks!

  • Links

    If you mean right click, and go to the, you can do it yourself if you're using columns ui, and foo_run comand, (make button for that, and in foo_run preference add new service, write this):$replace(%artist%, ,+)?ac=$replace(%artist%, ,+)

  • Preciso de pegar biografia do artista

    Preciso de um jeito de pegar biografia do artista, venho tentando há tempão.
    Estive feliz pr conseguir usar o serviço de, mas infelizmente eles tem limite de 250 calls por mes, assim nao serve pra mim, gostaria muito de poder ver a bigrafia do artista, alguém aí tem um código pronto com tudo pronto ou algo assim, um tuto bem feito de como fazer pra por de acordo com uma variável para que de acordo com a variável muda seu conteudo, o artista biografia mude pro artista ao qual a variável se tornou?

    Muito obrigado.

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