API output changed?

    • Maartel said...
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    • 8 Sep 2012, 02:08

    API output changed?

    I've been using an API for several years now and it always worked perfectly to display my 5 last played tracks with cover art/track name/time played/artist name.
    As from yesterday it suddenly only displays one song, and only the title and cover, with any other info being gone.

    I've checked several of my backups but on my side nothing has changed so I assume something about the Last.fm API has been adjusted?
    What's changed, so I know what I have to change to get a working 'recently played' box again?

  • the JSON output changed.

    To refer to the artist name in the output of user.getRecentTracks with JavaScript replace any instance of:

    .artist["#text"] ---> .artist.name

    then it should work again.

  • mhh, what's up with this? ....now it's #text again.... is this supposed to change every now and then?

  • & the verdict is ?

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