Exists a method "user.gettotalartistsnumber" or some like that?

  • Exists a method "user.gettotalartistsnumber" or some like that?

    I am only trying to import the total NUMBER of artist from a user into a Spreadsheet in google docs. Can Somebody Help me?

    I can with the "playcount" using the method user.getinfo but I cant find any for total artists (the amount of artists in a user account) yes I'm a loser, I know....

    I try with all the methods in user but i cant do XPATH catch the data in the Spreadsheet.

    • snyde1 said...
    • Subscriber
    • 20 Aug 2012, 04:17
    user.getTopArtists and library.getArtists each return different versions of this number. (The first is all artists played, the second all artists in the library.)

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