Is artist.getImage method deprecated?

    • cpolat said...
    • User
    • 5 Aug 2012, 01:51

    Is artist.getImage method deprecated?

    How can I reach artists' images? I remembered that I used to use artist.getImage method, but I can't see it?

    artist.getInfo is not sufficient for images, so what should I do?


  • Yes, I have the same problem, do not work searches the images. We can help?. thanks

    • cpolat said...
    • User
    • 5 Aug 2012, 16:09
    Doyou know why it is deprecated? Because artist.getImages is very powefull method. So which method should I use instead of images? I havent seen any method like it?

    Or do you know any api which provide just musician images?

  • I was gonna make a post but did a search first and found this topic.

    The documentation is gone but the method artists.getImages still works.
    Why is there no documentation? Is this because the method is/should be deprecated?

    • Alainn said...
    • User
    • 15 Dec 2012, 22:13
    You could use the Echonest API for getting images: They include the ones on and you can filter for the different uses.

    And their documentation actually works.

  • Has really gone now

    See more recent forum thread where the removal was revealed

    Paul Webster
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