what am I doing wrong? (code=13)

  • what am I doing wrong? (code=13)

    Hello everyone.

    i send this request:

    method=playlist.addTrack&playlistID=10602696&track=Freestyler&artist=Bomfunk MC's&api_key=***&sk=***&api_sig=7a0f3edb85b8ea917d96b781104ef039

    api_sig is:
    md5(api_key***artistbomfunk mc'smethodplaylist.addtrackplaylistid10602696sk***trackfreestyler**secret**)

    and response:
    <lfm status="failed">
    <error code="13">Invalid method signature supplied</error>

    i read all docs, and tried many variants.
    what am I doing wrong?

    Thank you!

  • method need send as playlist.addtrack, but not playlist.addTrack
    thank you

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