Artist charts for metros St Louis and Washington DC?

  • Artist charts for metros St Louis and Washington DC?

    All -

    I've been trying to get historical data by metro for US/Canada and have not been able to get data for metro areas "St Louis" or "Washington DC".

    Standard call for geo.getMetroArtist chart with country = united%20states, metro = new%20york, this works fine:

    Changing the metro to st%20louis I get no chart data back:

    I get status OK in the response XML and the metro is correctly reflected back to me in the topartists tag, as opposed to if you set metro to some random garbage string. This suggests to me that the request is properly formed but there's some other error. I don't know if this is coincidence but these are the only two US metros that could conceivably be spelled with periods in their names. I tried things like metro = st.%20louis or st%2E%20louis but to no avail. Anyone else having this problem?

    (The API key in the links is the one from the docs, but I get this result with my own API key too.)


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