Can't insatall foobar scrabber

    • Dereks said...
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    • 24 Jul 2006, 23:30

    Can't insatall foobar scrabber

    I've downloaded tool (v 1.0.1)for scrabbing. When I try to install foobar srcabber through it, program starts downloading srcabber FoobarPlugin0.9Setup_2.0.6.exe & than tells me that everthing was successfully installed, but foobar shows no changes. I'm still using old version of scarbber - 1.2.6
    P.S. current version of foobar, I'm using is 0.9.2

    Update: just noticed, that the same problem is with Winamp.

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  • The old Scrobbler plugins do/will still work so you don't need to change them but if you want to you can.

    You should remove the old plugins before installing the new ones and make sure that your media player is closed. If your media player is in a non-standard location, eg not in the default install path, then you will have to copy the plugins from that location, eg C:\Program files\foobar2000\components -> X:\path\to\foobar2000\components.

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