Not all songs???

  • Not all songs???

    Does it not pick up all the songs? I'm listening to one song right now, I've listened to it 3 times, but it hasn't shown up.

    Does only pick up on songs it recognizes? I don't understand.

    ps-LTJ bukem - big bud drum and bass

  • what player are you using? if it's iTunes and if you play the song on repeat, iTunes will submit it once only.

    if it's not that case, please provide more details so that somebody can figure out what's wrong...

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    • 26 Jun 2006, 13:59

  • I'm using winamp. Also, I'm new here. :-)

  • Try reading the winamp forum ;)
    And it might be a good idea to copy paste a logfile. (Judging from other posts (long DJ-mixes) I think that checking your ID3-tags might proof handy as well...)

    Remember to say "thank you" for the things you haven't had
  • Thanks for the link to the other fourm. It helped.

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