genre adjusting?

  • genre adjusting?

    Hi, your clouds are fantastique and I use 'em all the time. Is there any way to combine or omit genres? Examples from my mix may include:

    -combining Alternative with Alternative Rock, and Indie Pop with Indie Rock
    -putting the dreaded 'Oldies' in with 'Rock and Roll'
    -omitting 'Genius' as I don't even know what music this refers to
    -Omitting 'Soundtrack' - although some songs I listen to may be on soundtracks, I don't consider this a relevant genre
    -'Guitar' is also not what i'd call a genre, neither is 'Classic', 'Legend', 'Piano' or 'Favorites'.

    Being able to combine would create a more accurate representation, and would make genre tags less tiny/hard to see. Omitting some of the iffy/redundant genres would give your clouds less of a randomly-generated feel.
    Just thinking aloud - many thanks

  • Hey, I already do some kind of adjustment, but it's very hard to automatically find out which tags are relevant and which are not and which ones are to group. I am working on improving this.

  • It be awesome if we could choose what genres to omit by entering them in some box, my biggest pet peeve being the 'electronic' genre. Its an option with other tag clouds out there. There are countless artists who use digital equipment to produce music, but doesn't dictate what style of music they play.

    Anyways I really like what you've done with this project so far, the only improvement that I think is still necessary is selective genre omissions.

  • Thanks

    Thank you Shox, I don't doubt the complexity of digitizing such things! Having a ' genres to omit' option would be cool, or even a list of tags to omit by unclicking!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 Sep 2012, 02:56
    Yes, ignoring a genre would be a very nice feature. There are some tags in my own cloud from artists who share the same name as the ones I really listen to, so it's a bit annoying to see 'Black Metal' stand up when I don't even listen to any Black Metal at all.

    • marehis said...
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    • 24 Sep 2012, 09:16

    Bad genres..


    I agree that ignoring certain genres/tags would be a good feature. For example i don't consider the artists country to be relevant. At the moment listening to a Finnish electronic song i might end up listening to Finnish rap music trough the genre "Finnish".. This should not happen.

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