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    Listen up beta testers!

    We've kept this to ourselves long enough. It's time for you to give us your feedback and constructive criticism. Help shape the next phase of development not only with your razor-sharp savvy, but also as representatives for newcomers. Give your family and friends a peek too, and tell us what they think. There are a lot of changes here for everyone.

    Important info & guidelines

    1. Currently supported browsers: Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 7.

    2. Please check the known issues thread before submitting any bugs or problems.

    3. Use the yellow beta feedback toolbar (at the top of most pages) for bug reports and feedback on individual pages. It's easier for us to track and we'll be able to resolve issues more quickly.

    4. Help us help you; when using this forum, post screenshots, urls and whatever else helps fully explain your thoughts so we can get to the bottom of your problem straight away.

    Read on if you're interested in some of the thinking behind the changes, otherwise get started at:

    What's this all about?

    Three main concepts driving the UI and feature development for this next-generation are: play music, share music, and add music. We've focused on making these three things easier for everyone to enjoy, even your mum. You've probably noticed the robust new player at the top of every page—hopefully no more digging around for play buttons and radio stations, and music pages are re-positioned for sharing that music with a friend, or saving it to your library.

    What's the library all about? It's a way for you to see all the music in your profile. Dig through every artist, album and track you've ever played, save things there to check out later and categorise your music with tags. It's pretty fun looking at your friends' music now too. I can now see what's in Felix's (not-scrobbling-yet) vinyl collection, or what music my kid sister likes—even though she doesn't have her own computer or iPod. Your library is the home for all your music, whether you scrobble it or add it manually. It's also the basis for all of your personalised recommendations on

    There's some other fun bits, like real-time charts, activity feeds and podcasts, but mostly what we've been working on is a fresh start, a new foundation for a that can hold all our ideas and yours. If things look a little bare or basic in places, that's why ;-) we need your feedback before we build up the rest of the site and put on finishing touches.

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