How do I play music from my Playlist?

    • arhuaco said...
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    • 7 Jun 2012, 19:48


    I need to listen to a playlist. Listening to a playlist is an important feature.

  • it's work

    thanks for information, i have little problem when play music from playlist.

    office : (Crystal x mengobati keputihan)
    • nickine said...
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    • 31 Jul 2012, 09:15


    How hard can it be to remove the option of creating a playlist... Save us all the waste of effort

  • I was not aware about the playing music option but guys has helped me a lot.

  • WTF?

    There should be an asterisk or caveat: Before you spend any amount of your precious, fleeting life on our "playlist" option, please note that you cannot play said "playlist" at a later date.

  • Er So magic problem :)

  • How do I play music from my Playlist?

    Surely one of the MUST HAVE options would be to allow the user build, play and share playlists.

    Ludicrous to deny this to users.

    My music $ going elsewwhere.


  • Just spent 2 days enjoying music and making a couple playlists. Thought about subscribing. Good thing I read this before spending money or any more time.

  • this is upsurd

    Ordo ab Chao, I dont want your random bs I want to play a specific song that I can only find here, lastfm you have failed me, you suck, get your shit together!
    Organize your randomness loving asses. Your apparent inherent preference for random over specific, leads me to believe your houses are messy cuz you lack the organizational skills. This represents everything I despise about western society!

  • Re:How do I play music from my Playlist?

    Pageman_09 said:
    I've added some playlist from my computer then imported it to my phone. But now how do I listen to my playlist? I see the option to "add to playlist" but How and where do I go to listen to the music I put on a playlist?


    • Ted_ze said...
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    • 12 Dec 2012, 02:14



    I listen the 80s song with my Apple iPod battery, thinking the love in the old times .
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  • Playlist?

    what is the point when you cant listen to the playlist you create?

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 20 Jan 2013, 17:13

    What is the point of LAST.FM paid account?

    Playlists without possibility of listening to the music.
    We look for music of some performer and find a couple of songs to be listened... :(

    90% of this service - description of musician activity and a couple of their pictures.

    Very poor service,

    Not going to keep my account here anymore. Fuck it.

    • zuzanaq said...
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    • 27 Jan 2013, 00:52

    Oh look its 2013 and LastFM is still shit

    I used to be on this site 24/7 few years back.. now ur just going down.. just sell it to someone already.. it sucks..

    • Wiggy90 said...
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    • 12 Feb 2013, 14:48
    I thought I just didn't understand the website... wasted like an hour trying to listen to one specific song (which I can't find on youtube or spotify but is on here), tried putting it in a playlist, but there's no way to play the playlist?! What is actually the point of making the track available but not letting people listen to it...? At the side there's a message saying "You have this track in your library but haven't listened to it yet" ... ALL I WANT TO DO IS LISTEN TO IT!

  • waste of fuckin time

    thanks for nothing

  • Check out Grooveshark, it syncs with lastfm, the only reason I use lastfm is for the scrobbling to my fb and other stuff...

  • I got the same prob

    I was facing the same problems mentioned above. I have gone though all the comments and gained some knowledge plus some solutions to my questions. Glad I’ve found this forum !

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  • WTF



    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 17 May 2013, 02:24

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  • c99koder said:
    Playlists are no longer streamable as of November 2010. For more info, please see the announcement here:

    Locking this old thread. Playlists have been discontinued for nearly two and a half years now.

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