Causes my default music app to go crazy, skipping songs immediately

  • Causes my default music app to go crazy, skipping songs immediately

    I wanted to report a bug, that will hopefully get fixed soon, because I would really like to use the app. I got an LG Optimus V and when I install this app my default music player is unusable. If a song played, it immediately skips to the next track and the next and the next. You continuously hear about .1 second of the beginning of each song in the list until it eventually locks up and you have to force the music app to close.

    I tried turning off all scrobbling, but that did not resolve the issue. If I uninstall the app, the issue goes away.

  • Same Here

    Same phone (LG Optimus V), same behavior. Only uninstalling the app fixed this.

    • Cantee said...
    • User
    • 14 Apr 2011, 18:40

    Same thing, same phone

    I have the LG Optimus V as well, and the same thing happens to me. This wouldn't be too much of a problem for me if it scrobbled off my Winamp app or something. Is there a fix for this yet or at least an alternative music player that could be scrobbled off of?

    I'd really like it to be fixed though, since the default music player is surprisingly really good. A different app for a quick fix would be nice for the time being though. Thanks for posting this. Now I know I'm not the only one with a spazzy default music app. I didn't know the source of the problem either.

  • Our app can scrobble Winamp, make sure you've enabled scrobbling in Winamp's settings.

    • Cantee said...
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    • 15 Apr 2011, 18:40
    Yeah, I realized that soon after the post, haha. Thank you.

    I believe it's the scrobbling in itself that causes the problem with the default app. I had tried deleting the app and downloaded Scrobble Droid with the same problem. So I decided to give up and stick with Winamp and the app, of course. Nothing wrong with Winamp anyway.

  • Still a problem on LG Optimus V

    I'd like to avoid downloading winamp if possible and continue using default music player.

    Any news on a real fix for this (not just a workaround)?

  • Update?

    I had this problem, too. I want to buy a membership... but it's not really much use if it's going to make music on my phone useless. This is costing you money, guys. what's up?

  • Optimus S

    Just downloaded Last FM onto my droid yesterday and had the same problem this morning. Had to remove my battery to get it to stop. No matter what "Scrob" setting I had it still screwed my default player up.

  • LG Optimus V

    I second AlfordTerrace, i wish i could use this app without downloading winump. Hope you can fix this.

  • LG Optimus Me wih Android 2.2

    It just disables default Android Music Player's ability to play music completely. It won't play at all, with such an error message as: File format is not supported.
    Not sure where exactly it lies, but the bug should be fixed instead of pushing people over to Winamp.

    • chaza8 said...
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    • 25 Jul 2011, 05:59
    I agree, I had to uninstall the app, and I dislike Winamp so much.

  • I am guessing not since I don't see anything posted on here but is there a way to fix this yet? I too would purchase a subscription but it isn't worth it if I can't use my music player as well.

  • Still Exists

    Problem still exists on Otimus V.

  • Still a problem

    Yup.... Just hoping something new will happen

  • Same problem, same phone. Way to even try to fix it in 8 months,

    • kumatay said...
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    • 19 Mar 2012, 04:05


    i was having the same problem but didnt kno what the hell was going on until i ran across this ....and yes..... i have the just help will be uninstalled right away...about how to fix this problem...idk

  • Thanks

    My OV was going crazy,

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