Low and sometimes inconsistent volume?

  • Low and sometimes inconsistent volume?

    I love this app on my android phone. I use it all the time. But, what's going on with volume levels? First, 90% of all the tracks are significantly lower than an average sound file I might have from, say stored on my phone or sd card. Most of the time I have to turn the volume all the way up (when using headphones) to be at the volume I like. Compared to a local music track, volume would be at about 75% or less. Then I found a few tracks (specifically Chris Volz and a few others) are as loud as it should be. I have to quickly turn my sound down to that 75% mark and hope I don't damage my ears in the process. It's the worst when I'm not paying attention to the changing tracks and I need to rush to the volume control. Could you please perhaps start normalizing the tracks in your database or something so that they're all set at the same, maximum possible volume? No more damaged ears from drastic increase in volume, and a high enough volume to be comfortable. I rarely use last.fm on my computer, so I am only assuming it's an issue with your archived music. Thanks.

  • I appologize for the post. I JUST read through a more thorough search this is being addressed. Post was from Sept., reply said it would take a while. I hope this has not gone forgotten though. Sorry and thanks.

  • What post did you find? I just ran a search and all it came back with was your topic. Im trying my damndest to get off pandora on my nexus one but the inconsistent volume is gonna be a dealbreaker for me since i dont want to blow my car speakers for last.fm if pandora is working fine. :/

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