Scrobbling from sources other than the Player???

    • gblock said...
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    • 31 Oct 2009, 09:42

    Scrobbling from sources other than the Player???

    There are a growing number of ways to listen to 'stuff' on Android. All of my podcast listening, for example, has gone from syncing with iTunes and listening on the player to using Google Listen instead. Call it dogfood if you will, but the price of the slight lag on podcast 'currency' beats the pain in the butt of remembering to sync the device.

    Any chance of adding scrobbler support for things other than the player? What would be needed in order to make that possible?

    Same holds true for spotify, I guess.

  • Third party developers are welcome to interface directly with our Android scrobbler. All that's involved is dropping in a few lines of code into their app. Please send the following link to third party developers that wish to enable scrobbling:

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