app autostarts when usb is plugged in

  • app autostarts when usb is plugged in

    When I plug my phone into my comp via usb, just starts playing by itself.

    Also, I was listening to mp3's (not with headphones plugged in, and I received a call. This caused the phone to ring out loud using the external speaker, also started playing by itself, and my mp3 that i was listening to also starting playing out of the external speaker.

    I want to listen at work, but I can't have turning itself on at full blast whenever i plug something in and/or receive a call while its plugged in.

    I'm using an HTC Magic

  • We are currently looking into this issue.

  • HTC Magic owner here. I can't say that I have that issue, though I have found has automatically played sometimes after stopping it. I can't reproduce it, though.

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