Contacts on android cilent...

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    • 16 Aug 2012, 02:59

    Contacts on android cilent...

    Is there a way to disable that? I know you can turn sync off for their NAMES and such....but even with all the sync options disabled, they friends still appear in my phone contacts. Which is REALLLY annoying because I have quite a number of friends on If there's no way to way disable the social aspect on the app then I'll just stick to the third party app for now, but I really wish the social aspect wasn't forced onto me like that

  • Did you ever figure this out? Because I'd like to remove the friends from my contacts.

  • 1) Go to Settings once in your contacts list and check the box, "Only contacts with phone numbers." At least then they'll be out of the way.
    2) Whilst on the contacts list, press the menu button and select "Accounts." There you can pick and choose which apps can retrieve and sync information regarding contacts.

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