Galaxy S2 Android LastFM app - cache ?

  • Galaxy S2 Android LastFM app - cache ?


    To avoid excess data on my limited network package, I have data disabled most of the time so I can strictly control this.

    Does LastFM scrobble into offline cache (like on my old Nokia 5800XM), so I can resync with my LastFM account via wifi at a later time (& not lose scrobbles) ?


  • Yes, the app will cache scrobbles when you phone has no data connection (or the background data option is turned off). It will automatically upload cached scrobbles when you launch the app while connected to WiFi.

  • Thanks

  • Actually I played a few tracks tonight on the way to work (via S2 stock player).

    I then connected to wifi at work & checked My Recent Tracks (both via Android app & website) - but tracks haven't uploaded.

    I enabled Background data syncing in S2 Settings.

    Use Packet Data is disabled in Mobile Network settings as I'm trying minimise data usage at the moment - this shouldn't be needed for wifi data transfer though ?

    Is there a setting I've missed ?


  • the stock music player won't scrobble without this app
    The app works on galaxy s & galaxy 2 plus various other Samsung android phones.
    success :-))

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