app for android MP3 player

  • app for android MP3 player

    I've just downloaded the app for my android based Samsung MP3 player (i.e not a phone). Annoyingly, there's no option for listening to my radio stations. The player is Samsung's stab at the iPod Touch and as such, has wi-fi and I'd subscribed in order to listen to my stations (like I used to do with my old iPod Touch via wi-fi) but there simply isn't the tab at the top called Radio.

    I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no luck.

    Does anyone know if this mean that the android version has to detect a network signal before allowing you to listen to a radio station, even if you choose to use wi-fi?

  • Can you let us know the model please and which version of Android it's running?

  • It's a Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 3.6 (YP-GS1) and runs Gingerbread 2.3.6

    As I say, has all the features of the phones, just without the calling capabilities.

  • The app normally uses the cell tower's country code to determine whether to show the radio tab or not, however on a Wi-Fi device it should always display the radio tab. Please install and run this apk on your phone: it will display what country code your device is reporting to our app. Please let me know what the app says so we can troubleshoot this issue further.

  • When I try to install it it asks 'Do you want to install this application?' I hit 'Install' and then it immediately says 'Application not installed'

  • You'll need to enable installing applications from outside the Android Market. From your home screen, press Menu > Settings, tap "Applications", then tap the checkbox for "Unknown Sources". You should then be able to install the apk from the web.

  • I'm afraid I already had that set before I tried to install.

    If I have that setting turned off it won't even let me load it. When I have it set to allow, it loads but fails the install as above

  • Hmm, seems it didn't upload correctly the first time. I've re-uploaded it here: and tested the download on my phone.

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  • Ah, thanks, worked this time. It says the country code is KR which i assume means I'm screwed for the radio considering I'm in the UK.

  • Under Settings > Location and Security, make sure Use Wi-fi to find location is checked. That might re-locate your device to the UK. :)

  • I've already got that selected unfortunately. I even went as far as 'use GPS' which found me in Google maps but nothing as far a device location goes.

  • Yeah, normally a Wi-Fi device like a tablet wont return a cell network country code at all, but it seems Samsung has decided to return Korea instead on this specific device, which means our app wont allow radio streaming.

    I'll reach out to our Google contact and see if they can ask Samsung about this, perhaps Samsung will fix it in a future firmware update. I'll also look into using our geo-IP database to determine the country instead of relying on the cell network in a future update.

  • Actually, I may have found a work-around. Try this apk: and check to see if it says "phone type: 0". If so, I'll update the app to ignore the country code when the phone type is 0.

  • Just tried it and It says 'Phone Type: 0' as well as 'Network Type: 0'.

    Hope that helps

    (as to why it's returning KR, I feel it's just Samsung being lazy. They have, quite literally, taken the Galaxy S phone, removed the SIM card tray, and branded it a Media Player. There are so many features on it that are hangovers from it being a phone, such as 'Set ringtone' and 'import from SIM card'. I just think it's on KR because that's the last place it was as a 'phone' )

  • Great! At least it correctly reports that it isn't a phone. I'll submit an update to the Android market shortly to ignore the country code entirely on devices that aren't phones.

  • Thanks for that. I'll keep an eye out for the update.

    Thank you

  • c99koder said:
    Great! At least it correctly reports that it isn't a phone. I'll submit an update to the Android market shortly to ignore the country code entirely on devices that aren't phones.

    Would a WiFi+3G Android tablet report the same device type (it's not a phone, it's just a device with a 3G/4G data service)? I'm just wondering whether this change would mean that I could stream to my tablet using the app.

    Not wanting to hijack the thread, but is it possible to make a check whether the active data connection is WiFi or 3G/4G in order to make the decision as to whether the Radio tab is displayed? I understand the music licensing issues involved, and wondered whether this sort of change would satisfy the requirements?

  • The SDK documentation says the "phone type" refers to what kind of modem the device has (GSM, CDMA, etc.), so a 3G tablet should return one of those values like a normal phone. You can test this on your device by installing this apk: and seeing what numbers it says for phone type and network type.

    I can't answer whether we could legally allow streaming over wifi only in other countries, as that's up for our lawyers to work out. But from a user experience perspective, I think it would be confusing if the tab appears and disappears based on what network you're connected to. Users would expect the tab to always be there or never be there, as it works now.

  • Just as an update to this thread, I can now confirm that, after the update, I now have radio facilities. Thanks again for your help.

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