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Created on: 21 Jan 2009
Your personal radio station on your phone: Choose an artist or genre and Last.fm builds the perfect playlist just for you, fresh every time, featuring your favorites and new discoveries powered by...

The Official Last.fm Android App

Learn about your favorite artists, find nearby concerts, and share your music tastes with the Last.fm scrobbler.

  • Scrobble your music on the go
  • View your friends' profiles
  • Watch out for up coming events
  • View and share artist info
  • Stream your favorite Last.fm stations (Subscriber only feature; US, UK and Germany only)

Download Last.fm App directly to your phone from the Android Market. Radio features are currently only available to users in the US, UK, and Germany.

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  • MatheusDinizA

    É, ta precisando de uma atualizaçãozinha descente pro aplicativo né?

    20 Jul 12:55am Reply
  • podgethebastard


    19 Jul 8:44pm Reply
  • marts999

    Has Last.fm completely forgotten about the existence of Android or something..? [3]

    14 Jul 12:39am Reply
  • SweetsInBlood

    Has Last.fm completely forgotten about the existence of Android or something..? [2]

    11 Jul 11:02am Reply
  • TakeMeToYour

    Update this, please

    6 Jul 2:19am Reply
  • louie_mike00

    no hace scrobbling con los celulares LG!!!

    4 Jul 1:50am Reply
  • Strelli_76

    Hallo liebe Last.fm Freunde

    27 Jun 6:57pm Reply
  • -skyler-

    Has Last.fm completely forgotten about the existence of Android or something..?

    25 Jun 9:30am Reply
  • Mechayoshi

    You guys realize that there is no radio because this site changed how radio works, right?

    23 Jun 12:04am Reply
  • BloodOnLeaves

    Need thea last.fm radio on this app, please update

    12 Jun 7:44pm Reply
  • Ryncol

    This piece of shit barely ever works.

    12 Jun 6:19pm Reply
  • andrey_malinov

    здравствуйте, добавьте русский язык, пожалуйста.

    11 Jun 12:24pm Reply
  • OneChannel

    Just saying hi :-)

    9 Jun 12:26am Reply
  • LastFMwasted

    SCREAMING IN ISOLATION https://play.spotify.com/track/2YIT21xz5akfxXhIbayC2B

    8 Jun 9:30pm Reply
  • Pauzer

    UPDATE PLS. I love last.fm, and would really like an updated official scrobbling app that isn't from 7 months ago. It doesn't even work on the latest version of Android. Just keeps crashing. Simple Last.fm scrobbler seems to miss the first song of every album. A new official scrobbler that reliably scrobbles would be so awesome. Thanks.

    3 Jun 8:00pm Reply
  • sahnehering

    Why is the radio service still available on the Android app? They killed it months ago... Are there any plans to update the Android app? I love last.fm, it is the only social network I am using, but it seems they're currently effin' it up completely...c'mon, last.fm, where are you heading?

    23 May 10:05am Reply
  • thaweesakv

    Google & facebook is Brother mother. I love it. ขอบคุณgoogleและfacebook ทุกอย่างที่ทำ ขอให้เป็นไปตามความเหมาะสมของgoogleและfacebook

    22 May 2:53pm Reply
  • thaweesakv

    Hello my friends on the world. At Last.fm Who? Look at me. I do not spreak english. But am happy share thing for the world. Good luck And happy by Thaweesak vee rst(Thailand) land of smile

    22 May 2:36pm Reply
  • knyazev92

    DeeViant1, thank you for the link!

    19 May 1:36pm Reply
  • DeeViant1

    The last.fm app is dead and will never work again. There is an alternative app on Google play that works! Liquid Bear

    8 May 3:32pm Reply
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