Favorite Ambient Artist(s)/Album(s)?

  • Favorite Ambient Artist(s)/Album(s)?

    What are your favorite ambient artists and/or albums? It's rather difficult to pin-point exactly who I'd consider my favorite, particularly because there are many excellent artists out there who have produced music that I have enjoyed, but Steve Roach is definitely my "favorite" in that he has produced the two benchmark ambient albums in my view (Structures From Silence and Dreamtime Return) and has continued to produce engaging/artful ambient music for 30 years now. Despite the dozens of releases he's produced, he still continues to create new sounds based on different concepts. The evolution of his discography is very interesting, especially since he has pioneered many sub-sets of ambient music (ranging from "tribal" ambient, progressive electronic, drone, dark ambient, ect). There are many other worthy artists to name, but Steve Roach is the one ambient artist who I believe has mastered the art of ambient music, and continues to prove his mastery through his magnificent albums.

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  • Hi, I only got into 'proper' ambient music a few years ago but so far my favourite ambient artists probably are
    Biosphere, and in particular Substrata, the deep surreal feel of this album is something that very few others can come close to IMO
    Tim Hecker- Harmony In Ultraviolet- harsh but this makes it even more beautiful
    Stars of the Lid- everything I've heard from them really- love the deep organic feel.
    And as far as last.fm ambient artists go there are a lot of good ones but Deepspace stand out for me, brilliant space music.

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