• DNS problems

    17 Nov 2007, 17:30 by RJ

    Seems like the DNS servers for the audioscrobbler domains (123reg, aka Pipex) are down, and have been since yesterday evening :(

    Whilst they are down, you probably won't be able to scrobble anything. More to follow when we find out what is going on..

    UPDATE 20071117@2100hrs Moved to self hosted DNS servers, should start to work again shortly.
  • & CBS

    30 May 2007, 15:55 by RJ has been acquired by CBS, and we finally launched our company blog, so i've posted on there about it:
  • Site update, and what is coming next

    31 Oct 2006, 14:33 by RJ

    Finally, we got the site update out.. Flash was causing us some last minute headaches and late nights. We still have some tweaking to do serverside but we are well on the way now. It is great to be able to listen when not at your computer, without the client.

    Events are flooding in, i'm looking forward to going to an event i discover via lastfm and meeting other lastfm'ers there :)

    The similar artists algorithm was changed for this update too - so similar artist lists on artist pages may be slightly different. I'd appreciate any feedback on that. (Use the google cache to check the old data if you want to compare)

    Aside from the similar artist stuff, norman has cooked up some better data for the tastometer, including ways to slice and dice your profile against another and see what you have in common /different.

    We'll be doing housekeeping and pushing out fixes/tweaks all week. Bug reports/feedback in the usual place please :)
  • Let's Go Dancing

    14 Jul 2006, 16:56 by flaneur

    Team is pleased to introduce "Operation Depth Charge," our Summer 2006 visual realign.

    We wanted to upgrade the site so it would be ready for all the cool features we have planned over the next year. We decided to focus on basics first: this release makes the site more usable, more social, and more friendly (especially to new users).

    For the full scoop on enhancements in this release, visit our updates area.

    Don't miss the dashboard, the new download, and the other goodies we've been working on for you.

    Have fun exploring... now let's go dancing!
  • System Maintenance

    5 Jun 2006, 17:07 by Russ

    We are currently changing the way we process our users' submission data. In order to complete the switch to the new system, we need to stop processing song submissions for a while.

    This means that your Overall Charts and Tracks Played counter will stop updating for 1-3 days. Additionally, the Profile Editor will be disabled until further notice.

    We're sorry for any inconvenience, but these improvements will result in faster chart updates, as well as new charts (including monthly and yearly).
  • Two weekends of moving office (pfoo)

    3 May 2006, 10:01 by RNR

    yup, we have a new office. actually this has been going for a while, but we are finally moving (moved) in.

    we started last weekend with a small van. we moved everything that wasn't on a desk to the new office already (pictures of it later). that was last saturday.

    after a days work, on sunday, mischa and I (and my uiko wife) went to ikea to get some shelves as room dividers. i had worked out before that the packages will weigh half a ton (as in 500kg) I told mischa once we were in the car ;-). actually I told him on the phone but he said he didn't hear that.

    4 knackered out ikea trolleys and a few hours later we arrived at the new office where jonas and johan were waiting to help us unloading.

    read the full story with loadsa pretty pictures.

    quick correction. that place in straford (supermarket etc.) is the new data center. our office is at old street.
  • Hear More, Share More

    15 Mar 2006, 17:45 by flaneur

    March is here, and so are a bunch of new features for you at!

    Music charts for your website are now better and easier than before, we've got free tag-based playlists, track and album downloads, a new user search, redesigned album pages, and much more.

    It's time to hear more and share more music! Visit our new updates area to get the whole scoop...
  • February Site Update

    10 Feb 2006, 11:48 by flaneur is here to chase those February blues away with a whole bunch of cool new features for you!

    Today we're introducing in-page music previews, shoutboxes, artist wikis, sidebars, and more... see here for the full rundown.
  • Streaming Back

    1 Feb 2006, 13:45 by Russ

    The radio is back online with the new streaming setup now, so let's see how well it fares...
  • Streaming Downtime

    31 Jan 2006, 15:06 by Russ

    The streaming service will be offline for a while from Tuesday evening. This is so we can move to a new (much faster) streaming server.

    We're not entirely sure how long this will take, but we'll keep you updated as it progresses. We should be back up before Wednesday evening.

    Update: OK, looks like we'll be back before 3pm UTC on Wednesday.