Will Saturday Night Live be Lana Del Rey’s big break in the States?

  • Will Saturday Night Live be Lana Del Rey’s big break in the States?

    There’s no slowing down the Lana Del Rey machine. She may have only released two singles to date, but the luscious lipped songstress has already landed an invaluable performance slot on late-night mecca Saturday Night Live.

    Del Rey will take to the SNL stage on January 14th, just over two weeks before her debut album Born To Die hits US shelves. It’ll also be at a time when the album’s title track should be gaining a little more stream at radio, after having premiered online earlier this month.

    With perfect timing and perfect promotion, will Lana follow in the footsteps of other artists who secured their big break on Saturday Night Live?

    The most notable and relevant artist to compare to Del Rey right now would be Adele. The day after the British import performed on the show, her album 19 topped the iTunes chart and there was enough buzz behind her single “Chasing Pavements” to get it to No. 21 on the Hot 100.

    Florence + the Machine also reaped the benefits of big TV exposure, with their album Lungs and single “The Dog Days Are Over” turning into bonafide Stateside smash after a performance at the 2010 MTV VMAs.

    A similar effect should be expected for Del Rey, who is currently teetering on the fringes of fulfilling her next big thing title. Cracking the fairly close-minded US market is a difficult task, though — just take “Video Games” for example. The ballad became a runaway success across Europe upon its release, hitting the top 10 in the UK and topping the charts in Germany, but the buzzed about song didn’t make a dent in the States — not even a mere one-week placing on the Hot 100 off the back of digital downloads.

    Still, there’s no reason why Del Rey won’t break through once some major TV promotion is underway. Her songs are catchy with mass-appeal, her image is slicker than a wet snatch, and judging by the pricey visual for “Born to Die”, Interscope Records aren’t sparing any expense in promoting her with every resource they’ve got. Not to mention that the woman has charisma in spades — even all the smoke and mirrors around her rumored artificial creation — or at least major label fine-tuning if that’s what you want to call it — can’t buy you that.

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