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    hi pop people,

    dunno if you guys love mixtapes as much as i do, but i made a tumblr today with the hopes that we could use it to share music w/ one another more readily... kinda like muxtape from a few years back (RIP)


    basically, there'll be a page for everyone's mixtape, which can be made in Grooveshark:


    if you don't already have an account, it's free so make one

    the interface is p. straightforward

    create a new playlist, load it up w/ some of your fav. pop songs, then click Share Playlist > Widget

    make a widget, then copy the embed code it gives you, send it to me via PM on luelinks and then i'll push it onto the site

    and that's it

    you can update your playlist via the grooveshark and the changes will be automatically reflected b/c the code is tied to that particular playlist

    let me know if you have any questions

    hope to get some good mixtapes :)


  • Are we still doing this, or are we going to switch to turntable?

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