New Leaked Song - Excuse my French - Read post of link :)

  • New Leaked Song - Excuse my French - Read post of link :)

    Ok so Excuse My French leaked to the net a few days ago and what are everyone's opinion?

    At first I was really not that fussed on the song but a few listens means I am really loving the French house sound.

    If you wanna download the song go to and its a few posts back down the page.

    There is lots of talk about this being genuine, but wiki explains the history and the record companies tactics to make fans believe the song is not genuine.

    At first I was a bit skeptical it was Kylie and thought it may have been Dannii too, but there are too many signature "kylie" vocal arrangements etc.

    Would love to know what everyone thinks of this song?

  • at first i was like, whatever im not impressed but after a while i fell in love with it soooo much

  • It's Hot. Loving it so much. A few other songs have been leaked but I haven't heard them yet.

  • I loved Excuse My French first time i heard it.Some of her best songs are the ones that are demos/unreleased actually.

  • ...discuss the leaked tracks list (48 demo tracks/titles)
    at sayhey (2007 - 2011-edit - because that forum changed url and content links)

    EMF isn't part of that list... (anymore?)

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    • taitak said...
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    • 26 Jul 2007, 02:24
    I'm not impressed... I like the other leaked tracks more.

    Like, all the other leaked tracks...


    Parlophone ... ... investigating how the tracks leaked via their legal team whilst trying to prevent further downloads and despite denials "Excuse My French" is indeed a genuine Kylie demo.

    2011-07 - EDIT:
    ...there is changed content at wikipedia since today -
    that information was correct back in 2007.

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  • I love that song

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