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Created on: 7 Apr 2007
For fans of 'old school' Kotekote (こてこて) Visual Kei bands.

If you're a fan of kotekote vk bands such as La'Mule, Allegory Pill, Lar~Mia, Metis Gretel, Яisk un logic, etc whether it be their music, visual style, or both, join!

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  • Silanis

    Let's say Phantasmagoria used kote kei styling and elements... and quit this discussion what kote is or not. That term didn't even exist in the 90s anyway.

    29 May 2012 Reply
  • MiseryAndMalice

    Phantasmagoria was Neo-Kotekote kei

    20 May 2012 Reply
  • Sakito-sama

    Wtf is this stupid shit... Phantasmagoria was NEVER EVER KOTEKOTE. I love the band to death, yes, but they have never been kotekote. Kotekote kei died in the early years of 2000. End of stupidity, thank you. >_>

    14 Oct 2011 Reply
  • darkonyxswe

    @Chococooookie: I would call them kote kei, they're more gothic like early Moi Dix Mois, but may Kote Kei live on, for all eternity!! <3

    28 Apr 2011 Reply
  • Daisuke_Sensei

    Metis Gretel <3 megaromania <3 Madieduor/Vallquar <3

    27 Feb 2011 Reply
  • Chococooookie

    There are a lot awesome Kotekote-bands :3 Hmm~ Valdo creuz was a bit Kotekote, too, weren't they? ôo Or AINSI SOIT JE..., Chateau La Tour etc. ... =3

    24 Aug 2010 Reply
  • narumi0nine

    Eh, Kote kote either died with Phantasmagoria's disbandment or it really does continue with bands like Lin, Megaromania, Vallquar etc...

    5 Jul 2010 Reply
  • Hallicrafters

    Can anyone recommend any active kotekote kei bands?

    18 Mar 2010 Reply
  • inuyashagirl87

    V i agree :D

    10 Dec 2009 Reply

    I think there should be more connected artists.

    17 Sep 2009 Reply
  • delmiroph

    Metis Gretel <33

    1 Sep 2009 Reply
  • Sakito-sama

    They are, so don't believe your friend. A new visual kei band can be kotekote. :3

    18 Apr 2009 Reply
  • Zophisu


    28 Mar 2009 Reply
  • Sakito-sama

    Hitomi___ - Metis Gretel is awesome ♥ Especially songs like Yume Kago ~tragic Cinderella~ and SPIRAL HUMANITY!

    15 Mar 2009 Reply
  • Vaeltier

    Noir Fleurir and various others from the old school times should be connected, too. :D

    8 Feb 2009 Reply
  • Hitomi__

    hi...i lpove kote-kote metis gretel *¬*

    27 Jan 2009 Reply
  • Sakito-sama

    I think that the band allure idea should be a connected artist, because they are kotekote kei in both musical and clothing/make up style. :3

    9 Jan 2009 Reply
  • maldadesespia

    hi!!!!!!!!! ilike kote kote kei that best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    2 Jan 2009 Reply
  • CARMENvalentine

    where to find, anything from MerCurius or related ?

    3 Aug 2007 Reply
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