How does one know it is "Korova"

  • How does one know it is "Korova"

    Post what type of music you would thing should be put in the radio?

    I think it should be what would be cool enough in a remake of Clockworkorange, like that would fit the style. Any dark ambient shit, or obnoxiously cool shit, or any classical shit imo.

  • The main reason I haven't replied to this is because I wanted to leave up to the members what's in the tag-radio.

    As the "leader" I wouldn't want to supress anyone's ideas of appropriate music with some suggetion I have (that might exclude something I may not even realise I like yet). With that said, I apologise that I didn't get to this sooner, and welcome anyone else to suggest what they think would be fitting and why.

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  • Another premisis for what could be Karova.

    Clockwork Orange, is musically famous, for its use of moog synthesizers, they remade alot of classical music them, it was nifty, because it gave it JUST the right feel for the movie. The whole Retro Future, synthesizers fit right in. So I think any other Lo-fi chipy type music would fit. (Such as Bitpop/Blipblop/Chiptunes and any oldschool sythesizer stuff. none of that gay 80's shit though)

    • gwbook said...
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    • 26 May 2006, 08:46
    dr. octagon, antipop consortium, hella, prince paul (anything on psychoanalysis or itstrumental's "i want you (i'm an 80s man)")

  • I tagged Ludwig Van, since it's used in most of the movie and the book.

  • hey how about Mindless Self Indulgence, anyway they could do remake set in what seems future for us , because Clockwork's future : now when people watch it seems little retro XP

  • pink floyd's Atom Heart Mother was originally going to be the title sequence for the movie.

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  • music from jess franco films. and some great ludwig van! eggywegs!

    red planetary serpent!
    may the force b with u!
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