Musik from the movie

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    • 3 Aug 2006, 14:07

    Musik from the movie

    Who was a componist of Clockwork Orange?
    Probably someone can give me a link with information or for download

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  • is it true the ultraviolence theme was made by tangerine dream? i read that somewhere...

    It's a strange world...
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 10 Aug 2008, 20:52
    Wendy Carlos, good sountrack album.

  • i have it somewhere i think

    Long walks at night--
    that's what good for the soul:
    peeking into windows
    watching tired housewives
    trying to fight off
    their beer-maddened husbands.
    -And the Moon and the Stars and the World, by Charles Bukowski.
  • Henry Purcell
    Ludwig van Beethoven
    Gioachino Rossini
    Sir Edward Elgar

    I think those are all the composers whose music was used in the film (excluding the Erika Eigen, the Sunforest and the Gene Kelly song, as well as Mr./Mrs. Carlos' original works), reworked by Wendy Carlos.

    I KNOW I AM TOO LATE, but still.

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    unlimited rice pudding...
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