the sound of klamauk - listen to our artists' livesets

  • the sound of klamauk - listen to our artists' livesets

    listen to tilman and lingling live @ tanzhaus west frankfurt
    (6th february 2009) get it here

    tilman @ lastfm
    lingling @ lastfm
    tilman @ myspace
    lingling @ myspace

    listen to tom ellis live promo (january 2009) get it here

    tom ellis @ lastfm
    tom ellis @ myspace

    listen to paul frick live @ podcast (31st january 2009 get it here

    little white earbuds
    paul frick @ lastfm
    paul frick @ myspace

    listen to tribble live set of tilman, michael fluhr and lingling @ tikal mainz (11th october 2008) get it here

    just two ordinary people @ lastfm
    michael fluhr @ myspace

    listen to le k live @ villa club oslo norway (31st april 2008) get it here

    le k @ lastfm
    le k @ myspace

    listen to scott live @ sonar fesitval barcelona (juni 2008)
    get it here

    you can also listen to scott live @ 5 jahre doppelschall (22nd december 2007) get it here

    scott @ myspace

    and visit our brand new klamauk homepage

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 26 Feb 2009, 23:03
    ah cool :-))))

    sounds good!

  • nice. more music :)

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