• New material

    Hey guys,

    I know there's not much activity on these forums, but I wanted to start a topic about possible new material for a third album as there is news flying around about new KoC stuff :)

    I've got songs that no-one hears, well perhaps!
  • Take a look at their website and you'll see, that there isn't new KoC stuff, but new collaboration stuff (with Feist, Cornelius, ...).

  • On their myspace:
    "yo. we have started visiting the studio in bergen again. demo'ing some songs for a 3rd album. we are both living in bergen now, which obviously helps the chances that we might get somewhere"


    I've got songs that no-one hears, well perhaps!
    • abzechi said...
    • User
    • 10 Sep 2007, 00:39
    i'm so excited!!

    • ico29 said...
    • User
    • 22 Sep 2007, 08:07
    i just know their new song is "The Boat Behind"....
    and "Everybody Got A Friend"

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