Kings of Convenience is good

  • hehe I sent 2 times same message ,mistake..may be this shows how I like this group..:)
    "sheer simplicity"

    There is a light that never goes out
  • i'm in LOVE with Kings of Convenience <3

    i swear.. Erlend Øye.. what a stud that man is.

    • tumbled said...
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    • 18 Jul 2006, 02:57
    i would marry them if they'd just come to the u.s.

    my favorite thing about you
    please don't get me wrong
    how natural it feels
    five minutes without talking
  • tumbled:

    Well, they are in the U.S all the freaking time! ;)
    They rarely visit their original home, except this weekend!

    KoC are having a consert just 3 miles from here. Yes, in Norway!
    To bad i cant f*** go, I'm leaving for a trip the day before! The worst thing ever. I'm sincerly in love with them :p

    I have to exuse my rather bad english, I am only norwegian, or what skillserbill? ;)

    Erlend Øye rocks, and Eric is not half bad him self ;)
    Luckely, i know a photografer whom is going to take shoots during the KoC consert... Signed picture is mine! Mine i tell yah!

    Mikael Brevik
    • mns335 said...
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    • 10 Aug 2006, 11:57

    thanks KoC

    I found their music a few years ago when I most needed to hear it. Funny how you find music you need for certain times in your life. Although it was a shit period for me KoC really lifted me up. Will never forget it or be the same person again.

    "Never again will Art attain to its largest and best expressions, till daily life itself once more is penetrated with beauty" Edward Carpenter.
  • Eric the vi-King

    I prefer Eirik myself.

    Erlend is a bit too fashionata and cool for my liking. (Looks like a bloody hipster on a uni campus somewhere).

    I seem to recall them falling out at some point when as a result of foray into dance music.

    I'd love to have seen that spat.

    Looking forward to Eirk's new stuff with his band- think they're in the studio right now.

    'I am a man of passions ... To mention just one by way of example, I have a more or less irresistible passion for books and the constant desire to improve myself, to study, if you like, just as I have a need to eat bread. You will understand that.' Vincent van Gogh to Theo, circa 22-24 June 1880.
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